Naked man bites off chunk of man's stomach during rampage

22-year-old Florida man destroys lawn furniture and tackles father and son during rampage

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ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - A bizarre incident in north Florida - a naked man went on a rampage in St. Augustine, destroying lawn furniture, tackling a father and son, and then bites a chuck of flesh from the father's stomach. 

The 22-year-old suspect is out on bail right now.

Just before 5 a.m. Saturday morning, St. Augustine Police were called to the Pacetti family home.   When the first officer arrived, they found the father and son trying to keep a screaming and kicking Jeremiah Haughee on the floor, police say.  Haughee was naked, and lying in his own urine.

Officers say Haughee had already bit the father in the stomach, so the officer handcuffed him, and asked another officer to go get leg irons.

"As he went to get that, our suspect jumped up, was able to get the handcuffs around to the front of his body and start swinging on the officer as well," says Mark Samson of the St. Augustine Police Department.

One of the officers then pulled out his taser, shooting it several times.  Samson says even with the leg irons on Haughee, he kept fighting.

"At some point this guy went over the banister and handrail on the front porch and struck his head.  But that didn't keep him down - he was back up again."

Police say they kept tasing Haughee and he kept spitting and biting, even biting one officer on the leg.  Eventually, five officers arrived at the home, and they were finally able to get Haughee under control and under arrest.

Neighbors say its dangerous to think this could happen so close.

Haughee is charged with several counts of burglary and battery.

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