Names of Sandy Hook school shooting victims released

20 children killed: 8 boys, 12 girls shot

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NEWTOWN, Conn. - Authorities have released the names of the 26 people gunned down in a rampage at a Connecticut elementary school.

All six adults killed at the school were women. Of the 20 children who were shot to death, eight were boys and 12 were girls. All the children were ages 6 or 7. 

Charlotte Bacon DOB 2/22/06
Daniel Barden DOB 9/25/05
Rachel Davino DOB 7/17/83
Olivia Engel DOB 7/18/06
Josephine Gay DOB 12/11/05
Ana M. Marquez-Greene DOB 4/4/06
Dylan Hockley DOB 3/8/06
Dawn Hocksprung DOB 6/28/65
Madeleine F Hsu DOB 7/10/06
Catherine V Hubbard DOB 6/8/06
Chase Kowalski DOB 10/31/05
Jesse Lewis DOB 6/30/06 ale
James Mattioli DOB 3/22/06
Grace McDonnell DOB 11/4/05
Anne Marie Murphy DOB 7/25/60
Emilie Parker DOB 5/12/06
Jack Pinto DOB 5/06/06
Noah Pozner DOB 11/20/06
Caroline Previdi DOB 09/07/06
Jessica Rekos DOB 05/10/06
Avielle Richman DOB 10/17/06
Lauren Russeau DOB
Mary Sherlach DOB 02/11/56
Victoria Soto DOB 11/04/85
Benjamin Wheeler DOB 09/12/06
Allison N. Wyatt DOB 07/03/06

Police say gunman forced his way into school

Authorities say 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot his mother on Friday, drove her car to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, and shot 20 children, six adults and himself.

The massacre of 26 children and adults at a Connecticut elementary school elicited horror and soul-searching around the world even as it raised more basic questions about why the gunman, a 20-year-old described as brilliant but remote, was driven to such a crime and how he chose his victims.

Investigators were trying to learn more about Adam Lanza and questioned his older brother, who was not believed to have been involved in the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary. Police shed no light on the motive for the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.

In tight-knit Newtown on Friday night, hundreds of people packed St. Rose of Lima Church and stood outside in a vigil for the 28 dead - 20 children and six adults at the school, the gunman's mother at home, and the gunman himself, who committed suicide. People held hands, lit candles and sang "Silent Night."

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