Father in Maine wants to show world to his 3-year-old, blind son

By Imanni Wright - Web Producer

A father in Maine turned adversity into happiness.

After his son became blind, he decided to help his son feel and hear the world of nature, according to a story by News Center Maine.

His son was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma when he was baby, and with it came surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Eventually, he lost his sight.

His father did not want him to lose out on experiences in the world just because he lost his sight, so he came up with the idea of "Monday Adventures," where he would take his son to nature to hear and feel it for himself. They usually go to places like the ocean and waterfalls because his son enjoys the water.

They take pictures of everywhere they go because his father wants to show them to him when he gets his sight back. His son has been cancer-free for 10 months.

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