Men banned from Texas gun range for taking selfies with firearm pointed at head

Incident captured on surveillance video

Two men were banned from a Texas gun range after taking selfies with a firearm pointed at one's head. (Top Gun Range)

HOUSTON - A Texas gun range is emphasizing the importance of gun safety after they say two customers were banned for taking selfies in which one pointed a gun at the other's head.

Top Gun Range in Houston posted surveillance video of the incident to Facebook on Wednesday.

Watch the video below:

One of the men is first seen pointing his pistol toward the lane next to him while attempting to take a selfie. The lane next to him was reportedly filled with people taking a gun safety class.

The man then points the gun directly at his friend's head while attempting to take another selfie. That's when the range safety officer who was teaching the class intervenes. The officer forces the man to put down the pistol, and escorts both men away from the range.

"Everything he did was fast, prompt," the range's general manager, Kyle Harrison, told KPRC. "He followed every rule, as far as our range safety officer, of getting a situation handled and under control."

Top Gun Range said the video has been sent to all employees as a training tool. They also released it on social media to remind the public about the importance of gun safety.

"It would've been a very bad situation," Harrison said. "Not just for obviously us and the other patrons on the range, but that guy and his family."

Both men in the video have been banned from ever shooting at the range again.

Watch KPRC's report below:

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