Minnesota police investigating serial slapper in St. Paul

By Dane Sager Kelly - Web Producer

ST. PAUL, Minn. - At least five people have been assaulted by a man in St. Paul since Dec. 12, 2018. 

Police said the man has been pulling his car over in order to approach and assault strangers.

City Pages reports victims have been slapped in the face, hit with a wrench and had Gatorade bottles thrown at them.

"We've never had one person driving around randomly throwing things and slapping people," said St. Paul police spokesman Steve Linders. "We've never encountered that in my time."

No one's been seriously injured, but police aren't taking it lightly.

"You just can't drive around St. Paul throwing things and slapping people and hitting them with wrenches," Linders said. "It's a weird situation."

The man was initially driving a gray Toyota Tacoma but has been seen in a blue or light gray Subaru Outback with stolen plates. 

"It's important we find out what's going on," Linders said. "He might need help, and that's something we could help arrange with our mental health unit."