Neighbor accused of training squirrel to destroy garden

Woman, 78, tears up neighbor's flowers over 'nutty' conspiracy theory

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File this under nutty.

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A 78-year-old woman in Great Britain found guilty of tearing up her neighbor's flowers may have done it because she believed her neighbor had trained a squirrel to destroy her garden, the Birmingham Mail reported.

Marion Webster was ordered to "keep the peace" for six months following her conviction last week.

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Dubbed the "neighbor from hell," Webster put up a big metal gate and extended the height of her fences after becoming convinced that a jealous neighbor had trained a squirrel to ruin her flower garden, which neighbors told The Daily Mail she was "very proud of."

People said they thought it was a joke until Webster tore up one of her neighbors' gardens in "retaliation."

According to the Birmingham Mail, this isn't an isolated incident.

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Police had been contacted about Webster more than 40 times since 2002 for everything from noise complaints to yelling and swearing at passersby.

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