New alcohol-infused ice cream hitting stores

SnöBar says desserts taste like cocktails

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You may have thought of it first, but a new company has just pulled it off: alcohol-infused ice cream.

SnöBar says its gourmet frozen ice cream and ice-pops are made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol, with a full cocktail in every serving -- about as much alcohol content as a light beer.

The company offers several varieties of its desserts from Pink Squirrel, with brandy and amaretto, Grasshopper, with brandy and creme de menthe and Brandy Alexander, with brandy and creme de cocoa, to its Cosmopolitan and Margarita ice-pops.

According to the company, the products, containing about 4 percent alcohol by volume, will be sold in the freezer sections of wine and liquor retailers for about the price of a regular cocktail or a bottle of premium alcohol.

However, it still remains to be seen if consumers will buy into the buzz on the new desserts or just long for the days when you could still drive after enjoying a Popsicle.

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