New app allows long-distance drinking between friends

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Many of us have friends and family all around the country and it's hard to be away from them on special occasions. Now, there's a new app that will allow you to buy a buddy a drink, even if you're thousands of miles away.

A company in Seattle called Gratafy has created the app that pulls together social media (like Facebook), participating restaurants, and your long-distance friends. Once they get to the restaurant, you can pick a drink for them, hit purchase, and your friend will receive an email coupon that can be redeemed immediately. Then, bottoms up! You just bough a buddy a drink from wherever you may be.

The owners of Gratafy, Ryan Halper and Brian Erke, were college buddies and worked together to create the app.

"We felt like that was a real market need that wasn't being served," they said. Pun probably intended. 

The app officially launches today, for now, with 40 restaurants in western Washington.

The soft launch helped Michelle Strub send a friend some wine over the weekend. "We were having brunch and I was like, well, I can't go to your dinner tonight so we were having this brunch and I figured, I'm going to buy you a drink instead."

The app isn't just for drinks, but you can buy someone food, pool games, and even comedy tickets.

The company hopes to soon include other experiences, like golf games and hot air balloon rides.\

What do you think of the idea?

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