New Leads Emerge In Cold Case

Task Force Identifies Persons Of Interest In Paige Renkoski Case

DETROIT - New details on a missing persons case that has spanned decades have emerged.

After a cold case team announced it was going to open up the case of a missing 30-year-old Okemos teacher who vanished in 1990 in Livingston County, new tips came in.


Since then, a three-member task force reviewing the case was able to determine a new timeline, new people of interest and technology that can test new evidence.

The cold case team narrowed the time frame of when Paige Renkoski went missing. A witness saw Renkoski standing along westbound Interstate 96 near Fowlerville exit in Livingston County at 4:10 p.m. on May 24 1990.

Previously, the last sighting was believed to be at 3:30 p.m.

Renkoski was gone by 7:30 p.m., that's when a witness saw her car still running in the same location. Her purse and shoes were still inside.

"There have been things that have come up that people remember that they didn't in the initial interviews and the have substantiated some of the facts that we do have, and this makes a stronger case for us," said lead investigator Bill Lenaghan.

The task force has uncovered at least six people of interest in the case. Many of the people of interest are behind bars, but one man who owned a maroon minivan similar to the one that was seen behind Renkoski's vehicle was murdered in 1999.

Investigators said the man's name had come up as a person interest in previous investigations.

The task force said it was working one two scenarios to explain Renkoski's death.

"One scenario involves one person and the other scenario involves as many as four," said cold case investigator Michael Frayer.

One of the groups being investigated has ties to a Detroit gang while the other is believed to be a part of a group of car thieves.

Investigators said the murdered man has ties to one of the groups, but they wouldn?t say which one.

Never before tested finger and palm prints taken from her vehicle could also bring new answers.

"That is what we're hoping, by looking at this in a different light and bringing certain things into play that we may be able to come up with some identification into who was there," said Lenaghan.

Investigators are hoping the prints will match the prints entered in the database since Renkoski's disappearance.

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