New Mound Road traffic light system saves time, money in Macomb County

Computer system controls traffic lights on Mound Road for optimal commute time

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

WARREN, Mich. -

Commuters from Warren to Shelby Township are noticing the drive on Mound Road has been moving more smoothly.

Macomb County installed  a computerized system of traffic controls to update the timing on 50 traffic lights from Utica Road on the north side to 9 Mile Road on the south side.

Traffic engineer Adam Merchant said drivers will notice the difference.

"It's a big improvement. It's one of the best projects we've had in many years," Merchant said.

Merchant added that the changes in the traffic signal timing will reduce travel time on Mound Road through one of the busiest intersections.

"These cars at Metro Parkway, 16 Mile should make it all the way to the freeway, which is about five miles from here, they should not have to stop again," Merchant said.

The new system controlling Mound Road traffic lights is designed to save time and reduce air pollution on a road that handles 85,000 cars daily.

Federal money is paying for the system.

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