New poll gives Congress bad marks

Elected Michigan officials choose not to weigh in on topic

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - What's the one thing the vast majority of Americans agree on by overwhelming numbers? The answer is, "Our current Congress is the worst," -- as in the worst ever, at least according to a new poll.

A "do-nothing" bunch according to 73 percent of Americans -- that's the latest national poll testing the waters on how Americans feel about what Congress has managed to do this past year.

In fact, this 113th Congress gets such bad marks a majority of Americans say it's the worst Congress ever.

"It is the worst," said Lowell Brams.

Local 4 reached out Thursday night to members of Michigan's Congressional Delegation to discuss the failing grade and shockingly, elected officials didn't want to weigh in on this topic.

"Learn how to work together," said Laura Woodward. "I think we all have to work with people we don't like to come -- to make things happen."

While you and I may turn our nose up at the job this bunch is doing, here's the thing the men and women who run these campaigns will tell you: Polls like these don't really bother them. Why? Because while most people will give Congress a bad grade for say shutting down the government, they tend to like who they voted for and don't lump that elected official in with the others.

How hard is it to bump out a sitting member of congress? Very. Which is why you can bet they're not sweating these horrible numbers.

"If they think they're happy -- experienced," said Jeanette Woodward.

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