Northville High School undergoes drug search

School says students remain in classrooms while police sweep school

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NORTHVILLE, Mich. - Northville High School underwent a drug search Wednesday.

In a statement that was emailed out, school officials said the school went into "general alert" mode and police were brought in to sweep the school for any controlled substances.

Below is a copy of the statement:

Dear Parent/Guardian: 

Today, we conducted a search of student lockers using the Canine Drug Dogs from across Wayne County. During the unannounced search there were 10 dogs used and at no time did they interact with students or classrooms. A search of the halls, lockers and common areas took place throughout the school building. While dogs did hit upon several lockers, Administrators searched the lockers and followed up with students assigned to the lockers and those in the close proximity of the locker indicated upon. We are happy to report that no controlled substances were found in today's search. 

The District will continue these searches throughout the school year. Our purpose is to provide a safe learning environment for our students. We also want to send a strong message that drugs will not be tolerated in our schools. If controlled substances or drug paraphernalia were discovered, we work in concert with local police agencies to address the matter and discipline students within the guidelines of the Northville Public Schools Code of Conduct. In addition, we work with families to properly address the specific issue through intervention and monitoring programs. 

A district outcome for the year includes actions to prevent drug use by our students, not because we are experiencing a surge in drug use, but because any drug use or possession (including prescription medication) is illegal and unacceptable in our schools. Our efforts include specific lessons in our health classes, providing materials and workshops for parents, working closely with our police liaisons, coordinating student and family interventions with agencies such as Northville Youth Assistance and reaching out to students demonstrating at-risk behaviors. 

I encourage you to reinforce with your children the dangers of drug use and the positive alternatives available to them. If you would like to speak to me, a counselor or a social worker in regards to this area, please call and we will put you in touch with the appropriate person. 

Together we can help our students succeed. 


Robert Watson


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