Northville Township man pleads for help finding 2 missing daughters

Ex-wife was seen with daughters in South Carolina, Georgia, police say

By Guy Gordon - Reporter/Anchor

NORTHVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A Northville Township man is pleading for help in finding his two young daughters after he says his ex-wife failed to return them.

The girls have been missing for 10 days, and the woman is being sought on two federal kidnapping charges.

The children were supposed to be back with their father on Aug. 21, but police said they have evidence that they were with their mother in South Carolina on Aug. 24 and in Georgia Aug. 26. Police said she also has ties to Florida.

James Peck has shared custody with his ex-wife, and they often began and ended visitations in Northville. He said Courtney Peck, of Grosse Pointe Farms, never had a problem with visitation until he took the girls on what they called a "road trip."

A term that previously seemed innocent has now left him on the verge of panic.

"They must be terrified," Peck said. "I have a feeling, just knowing my daughters, they’d be reaching out to Dad."

The federal kidnapping complaint says 8-year-old Caitlin and 5-year-old Charlotte, and a baby that Courtney Peck had with another man during the divorce, are believed to be headed to Florida with their mother.

"We’re just looking at all the information that’s available to us, taking advantage of any information we get," Northville Township Police Chief Todd Mutchler said.

Peck said he's haunted by "what ifs" because of Courtney Peck’s sometimes unstable behavior. She was charged last August with fleeing Grosse Pointe Farms police after they discovered her in a no-trespassing zone with the baby at 3 a.m.

Police used stop sticks to stop her.

"I’m afraid that, you know, maybe they’re gone," Peck said. "Maybe I’ll never see them again. And it’s concerning and makes me really upset."

He said he’s missing important milestones, like Charlotte’s birthday.

"(She was) becoming 5. We’d been practicing and taking training wheels off," Peck said. "She said, you know, 'Looking forward to seeing you on my birthday,' which was this past Monday. And I didn’t hear from her and didn’t hear from the mom."

He’s also afraid of missing her first day at school.

By fleeing, Courtney also missed sentencing on the Grosse Pointe complaint. Her family and friends said they have not heard from her. Police said they are also concerned.

In the interim, the court has given James Peck sole custody of the children, which he believes might make his ex-wife's urge to run even stronger.

Anyone with information on Courtney Peck or the three children is asked to call Northville Township police.

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