Nose hair clipper: Most awkward gift ever? lists some of the most awkward gifts reported by U.S. adults

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The holiday season means gift giving, and sometimes that can lead to a few awkward moments. Not everyone shares the same gift-giving philosophies, which is the perfect storm for some uncomfortable moments. conducted a random survey of about 2,500 American adults. When asked what the most awkward gift they've ever given or received, this is how a few responded:

• The whole Beverly Hillbillies series on VHS tapes.
• An answering machine for a landline phone. I don't have a landline phone.
• Bowling ball from my in-laws. I hate bowling.
• Bracelet with someone else's name on it.
• Nose hair clipper.
• Gift card with the name of the person who just gave it to me in the "to" section.
• 5 quarts of oil and a filter for my car.
• Set of jumper cables.
• Woman's sweater. I'm a man.
• Plunger.
• Condoms and a cheesesteak.
• Workout videos.

Re-gifting is also a growing phenomenon. 41-percent reported they have re-gifted an item. That means they received a gift from one person, and then gave that same gift to someone else as a gift. About 35-percent say they've received a gift they believe was a re-gifted item.

So what's the most awkward gift you have ever given to someone or received? Let us know on the Local 4 Facebook page.

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