Oakland County demands audit from Detroit Institute of Arts

Oakland County Art Authority wants to make sure it is getting what voters are paying for at DIA

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - The deal Metro Detroit voters made to send millions of dollars to the Detroit Institute of Arts is specific -- a contract.

After months of hearing those financial conditions have not been met, Oakland County is asking for an audit.

"The whole executive team, (L. Brooks Patterson) and his staff are insistent, as we are, that a promise was made and a promise should be kept. That those funds are here for Oakland County," said Tom Guastello, of the Oakland County Art Authority.

The money is meant to include art outreach. They can go from everything from bussing children to the museum to the collaboration with Oakland University after a Spanish masterpiece was found at the school.

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Does anyone think $550,000 has been spent so far, as it supposed to be per the agreement? No.

"It was a first year startup, so there are going to be deficiencies. But we're going to insist that if there are any deficiencies they roll over into the next year and we work with them a little better and to make sure that we get the benefit of the bargain and the funds are spent on the programs that we designated," said Guastello.

The Oakland County Art Authority is demanding an audit to make sure every dime that was promised to the voters is delivered.

"It was in our agreement that we have the right to audit and we have asked that they provide and audit at their expense, which is part of the agreement and we expect that that will be done," said Guastello.

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