Oakland University student seminar is on 'sex therapy'

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

The signs hanging in the common areas of Oakland University said, "Live group sex. Free food. Free condoms."

So, when the date of the event arrived, Local 4 cameras were there to find out what was going on at liberal arts university.

Turns out the sign is head turner, but the message is less about sex and more about self-love. 

Daniel Packard, a self-proclaimed love coach travels the nation and the world spreading his theories on the five basic things all humans need to do to find true love. 

At the top of the list, self love. He says, once you forgive yourself for imaginary bad deeds, you can look in the mirror and see someone who is deserving of true love and intimacy. 

It's his aim to teach as many as he can his methods to discovering self-worth and self-love.

The "love talk therapy" guy is so sure he can change your life by teaching you how to love and appreciate who you are, he's offering our audience a free chat. 

If you're interested in finding out if he's found the key to finding true love for you, contact Daniel here and make sure you remind him, you're a member of the Local 4 audience to get a free 30 minute consultation.

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