Obama to visit suburban Detroit auto plant

REDFORD TOWNSHIP - New this morning a high stakes visit by the President of the United States to metro Detroit.

President Obama will be making what his administration is calling a "major economic speech" at Detroit Diesel in Redford Township.

Detroit Diesel is a UAW shop that makes diesel engines. The township supervisor says the township is ready to host Mr. Obama.

"I want President Obama to know that Red Township is the place where he can make a true difference, where the federal government can aid us in a number of different programs," says Redford Township Supervisor Tracey Schultz Kobylarz.

The president is expected to talk taxes and that should get your attention.
He and Republicans in Washington are at odds over raising taxes for households making more that $250,000.

The president also wants a new stimulus spending plan worth $50 billion.

Republicans argue higher taxes and more spending will keep businesses on the sidelines when it comes to hiring next year.

Also look for the president to weigh in on the red hot "right to work" debate here in Michigan.

With Governor Snyder set to sign the bill into law - union members are fighting mad over having to share their jobs with non-due paying workers.

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