Octopus Thrower's Conduct Charge Is Dismissed

NHL Fines Man For Throwing Octopus At March Red Wings Game

DETROIT - The Farmington man who was fined by the NHL for throwing an octopus on the ice during a Detroit Red Wings game was charged with disorderly conduct.

There is a Detroit city ordinance against throwing objects on the Joe Louis Arena ice during games. Charlie Graves pleaded not guilty April 26 to a disorderly conduct charge.

However, the city has decided to drop the charge. The arresting officer never showed up to court Thursday for Graves' hearing, Graves said.

The NHL fined Graves $500 after he admitted to ushers that he threw an octopus on the Joe Louis Arena ice during a March 21 game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.


"It is a 50-something-odd-year tradition," Graves said. "I feel the city of Detroit takes pride in their tradition, and if the (NHL) commissioner thinks we are going to go down without a fight, he is wrong."

An octopus was tossed on the ice during a Red Wings first-round playoff game this month. The man who threw that octopus also was charged with disorderly conduct and fined $500 by the NHL.

Graves had said he would fight the charge in support of the tradition. .

"I pleaded not guilty, of course," Graves said in April. "I'm going to fight for this tradition. If I had the chance I'd do it again, of course."

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