Off-duty Detroit cop, DPD employee robbed at gunpoint in Taylor

2 gunmen rob off-duty officer, passenger in parking lot outside Trolly Stop Lounge

By Priya Mann - Reporter

TAYLOR, Mich. -

An off-duty Detroit police officer and another worker from the Detroit Police Department were sitting in the officer's car about 3 a.m. Thursday when two masked gunmen approached, demanding cash and cellphones.

The Trolly Stop Lounge in Taylor had closed for the night when the 38-year-old police officer and the 46-year-old IT worker for DPD were robbed in the parking lot.

"The (robbers) told them to give them everything that they had or they would be killed," said Taylor Police Chief Mary Sclabassi.

After the two gunmen ran away, the woman rushed to a nearby gas station.

"She came knocking on the door and then she asked him to open the door for her, and when he opened the door she said she wanted to use his phone to call police," said Ali Abdulla, whose coworker helped the officer.

People who live in the area say it's the first time they have heard of a violent robbery such as this in the community.

"That's terrible. In this neighborhood I wouldn't expect anybody getting mugged. I mean, it's a pretty good neighborhood," said Frank Lozenich, who lives in the area.

Police said while it may be advice you hear often, it's always important to remember to be aware of your surroundings.

"You like to think based on your training experience that you're prepared for everything but, again, you know, there are times when you let your guard down, you're not expecting something like this to happen. It just proves that anybody can be a victim of a crime," said Sclabassi.

The officer's badge and gun were not taken. The car was towed away for a more detailed examination.

Meanwhile, Taylor police are searching for the gunmen.

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