Officer in stable condition after Veterans Day shoot-out at Southfield Police Department

Military veteran, Herald Joseph Collins walked into police station, pulled out handgun, killed by police


Authorities still are unsure of what prompted a man to open fire at officers inside a suburban Detroit police station.

But, family of Herald Joseph Collins said the 64-year-old had both financial problems and health problems that may have set him off before the Veterans Day shoot-out at the Southfield Police Department.

Collins, was shot and killed after he walked into the station and started firing.

He was divorced and lived only a few blocks away from the police station.

Police say the military veteran had no prior criminal history and documents show that in 2004 Collins filed for bankruptcy.

In a phone interview Collin's step daughter said he recently spent time in the hospital for a variety of health issues including cancer that effected his ability to speak.

It was difficult for Collins to communicate and that caused him great frustration, according to family.

"This is very tragic we are all going to miss him, he was a great guy," said Angellca Mercado, friend of Collins.

Watch: Police give update on Southfield shooting.

Police declined to release the name of the injured officer who was shot in the left shoulder.

The officer is listed in stable condition and is said to be in good spirits at the hospital.

Police said shortly after 2 p.m. Collins walked into the station with a blank stare on his face and said nothing as he approached the desk officer before pulling out a .38 caliber hand gun.

The officer and several police inside the station ordered Collins to drop his weapon.

Collins was shot and killed when he did not comply.

The incident was captured by surveillance cameras and witnessed by a woman who happened to be in the lobby.

Suspect had mental health issues

Hawkins said an investigation revealed Collins was in poor mental health and police believe he was suffering from, "internal issues."

The investigation is still on-going.

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