OnStar helps Hurricane Isaac victims from command center in Michigan

OnStar subscribers can call for help wherever they are

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Hurricane Isaac is 1,100 miles away soaking and battering New Orleans and much of the gulf coast this morning, but dozens of people right here in Detroit are working hard helping some of those feeling the wrath of the storm.

Only Local 4 News was live this morning inside General Motor's OnStar Command Center. It's a high-tech center inside the Renaissance Center downtown. 

OnStar is GM's own product it developed for it's customers. Drivers who subscribe can push a blue button inside their car and be connected with an OnStar advisor that can help them with directions, unlock their doors or many other helpful services.  A press of a red button and OnStar will send emergency help.

Today is expected to be a big day for OnStar. A hurricane is the service's busiest time for emergency calls. Drivers have already called OnStar for help when a levy broke outside of New Orleans.

Other calls will be from drivers who have no cell service in the storm and OnStar will help connect them with loved ones.

"I have the coolest job around, I love me job. We get to help people everyday and severe weather is happening all the time," said Mary Ann Adams, OnStar's Crisis manager. "Hurricanes are the biggest crisis event. We can help get people out of harms way, right away."

The command center downtown looks from trouble spots in the storm and will alert advisors fielding calls in Warren, Charlotte, North Carolina and a call center in Canada what kind of calls to expect

OnStar takes about 150,000 calls a day, but more emergency calls are expected today.

OnStar is exclusive to GM cars for a subscription fee, but advisors will help non-subscribers during a hurricane situation like today.

If you don't have a GM car, you can now get your car outfitted with the OnStar technology.

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