'Opportunity made in Detroit' ad debuts during World Series

Kid Rock narrates Quicken Loan-sponsored campaign

DETROIT - Kid Rock is the voice of a new Detroit-centric commercial about the city's growing tech-focused economy.

Quicken Loans is sponsoring the ad, which debuted Sunday night during Game 4 of the World Series between the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants.  

The spot showcases Detroit-based businesses past and present that are making downtown Detroit the comeback story of the nation.  City stalwarts like the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, General Motors, the College for Creative Studies as well as technology start-up businesses and charities are prominently featured in the spot.  

It doesn't stare you in the face.
It's not going to yell at you to come ‘n get it.  
It doesn't knock. 

So what does opportunity look like?   
Not what you might think.
You see, opportunity is not a right. It's definitely not equal.
And it doesn't come with an instruction manual.

That's because opportunity isn't found.
It's molded. It's built. It's created.
It's as much about grit as it is intellect.
An explosive high-tech corridor located at the intersection of muscle and brains?
You bet. Because opportunity only comes to those already in the game.

What does opportunity look like?
It looks like Detroit.
And opportunity is made in Detroit.


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