Ortonville neighbors seek new home for rooster

Owner thought rooster was chicken when she got him

By Steve Garagiola - Reporter/Anchor

ORTONVILLE, Mich. - This is a story about neighbors and a rooster.

One neighbor is angry about the rooster, and he has let everyone know about it.

"He comes and pound on my door and says, 'Just to let you know the rooster is keeping us up.' It's not my rooster!" said Ann Stoner, who lives next door to the rooster.

His name is Guinevere. His owners thought he was female when they first got him.

"She bought it down here by mistake," said Randy Hicks, who lives next door. "It was supposed to be a chicken and when it grew up, they found out they got a rooster."

Just how big of a problem is Guinevere and his crowing?

"It's not that big of a deal," said Stoner. "It don't bother me."

Interestingly enough, the rooster's owner is more bothered than anyone.

"Oh my god, yes! He drives us crazy! We bring him treats so he will shut up," said Guinevere's owner, Rochelle Nolin.

But Nolin and her family don't want him to end up as an order of chicken nuggets. He deserves better.

"I told the guy, 'We're getting rid of him.' But it is also winter, it's hard," said Nolin.

"Wouldn't you want to get rid of a rooster instead of killing it? I mean, come on," said Stoner.

So there you have it -- Guinevere needs a new home. Any takers?

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