Out-of-control driver crashes through beehives holding 250,000 bees in Detroit

Workers scramble to find new housing option for bees

By Priya Mann - Reporter, Derick Hutchinson

DETROIT - Officials said someone drove through a fence and slammed into hives containing 250,000 bees in the city of Detroit.

It was a big hit to an organization trying to bring bees back into the city.

Four hives, each containing about 60,000 bees, were destroyed by an out-of-control driver, officials said.

"When I got here, it was flattened and bees were everywhere," said Brian Peterson, of Bees in the D.

The driver slammed through the Downtown Boxing Gym's fence, ran over the hives and kept going, according to officials.

Officials said 250,000 bees were displaced in the crash. (WDIV)

"Bees instinctively want to go back to their hives, but it was no longer there," Peterson said. "I'm hoping queen bee is OK. (We're) waiting for them to clam down before doing an inspection."

Bees in the D educates children about honey bees and pollinators. Partnering with the Downtown Boxing Gym, the nonprofit gives children a hands-on role in maintaining the hives.

"I will talk to the kids because they're concerned," Peterson said. "This could be a life lesson."

Temporary new hives have been installed, but with winter approaching, the clock is ticking on a permanent place for the bees.

"Strong hives build up before winter," Peterson said. "I hope they have enough time to salvage the honey."

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