Out-of-towners get motorcycles stolen

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - A group of tourists visiting Detroit this weekend from the East Coast said they're never coming back. Saturday night someone stole three of the tourist group's six motorcycles from a parking lot. The tourists were told the lot was supposed to be secure.

"We've been to so many different events, other states from here to Cali and never had a problem like this," said Wade Davis.

The motorcycles parked in an A.p.g. parking lot near their hotel on West Lafayette downtown when they were stolen. The bikes were locked up and they had alarms on them.

"I was in disbelief," Davis said. "You got to be kidding."

A.p.g. workers say the lot is safe and that someone is on-site at all times. But they tell customers they're not responsible for motorcycles because they're easier to steal than cars.

The bikers said their motorcycles are worth more than $40,000.

"Insurance will probably cover so much but you're not going to get the upgrade value," said Sean Savage.

The group got in town Friday to visit a friend and were planning to leave Sunday. Now three members of the group have to find another way to get back home.

"It's going to be tough," said Jay King. "That's how we got here -- on our bikes. We don't have no trailers, no trucks or nothing."

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