Outspoken Detroit Judge Vonda Evans targeted by online stalker

Man sends pictures of genitalia to Evans through social media

By Jamie Edmonds - Sports anchor/reporter, Derick Hutchinson

DETROIT - Judge Vonda Evans has earned a reputation in Detroit for her no-nonsense attitude on the bench. She never shies away from confrontation, but this weekend, something shook her to her core.

Evans was faced with an online stalker this weekend, and she admitted she was shaken.

"It was scary because it was in my personal space," Evans said.

On Saturday, Evans was contacted by a man on Twitter. His messages were inappropriate, so she blocked him. He then created a second account and the messaging continued. That's when she responded.

"He sent me a picture of his genitalia," Evans said. "I told him I will go to the police. He said, 'Please stop. I won't do it again.'"

Evans believed she had handled it until she found 30 previously unseen Facebook messages from the same person.

"Multiple pictures of genitals," Evans said. "'When I come for you, I will make you scream.' I had to take these seriously."

Police got involved and said they found the mentally ill man suspected of sending the messages living in Atlanta with his brother. Evans believes the threat is gone, and she won't press any charges, but she's speaking out about her ordeal.

"You don't have to be victimized," Evans said. "One-woman crusade. If it's happening to you, speak up."


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