Oxford HS Infringes On Boise State's 'Blue Turf'

Boise State Says Don't Use 'Blue Turf' To Describe Field

DETROIT - Oxford High School announced in January that it was going to install blue artificial turf in its football stadium.

Oxford's move definitely brings one other school to mind, and one school only.

The Boise State University Broncos football team has become nationally known for its "Blue Turf" field.

The university introduced the blue field in 1986 under Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier. It has become a trademark for the team and university, which is something the school doesn't want others latching on to.

According to a report from the Oakland Press, Boise State's general counsel contacted Oxford's athletic director in an effort to keep the high school from using the term "Blue Turf" to describe its new field.

The university set some limits for the high school, the report said. If the high school avoids using the term "Blue Turf," then Boise State will have no issue with it.

Oxford High School's blue is a deeper, more navy blue color than the Boise State blue.

The school would not be the only high school in the U.S. with a blue field. There are a handful of other schools that have chosen to add a little color to the turf, and not just blue or green.

Boise State's field is widely recognized as being the first of its kind.

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