Parent of student victim speaks

Mom: Teacher orders students to hit son

SAN ANTONIO - A mother said her 6-year-old son was hit by all of his classmates at Salinas Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas at the behest of their teacher.

Amy Neely said she was outraged when she found out that her son's teacher ordered his classmates to line up one by one and hit him as a form of discipline.

"He was hit on the head, in the face on the back," Neely said. "And, all the kids hit him twice. There's 24 kids in that classroom."

She said the incident happened on May 2, but she was not notified by school officials until weeks later. She said her son, Aiden, was being punished because he was caught horse-playing in line.

"You send your kids off to be safe in school and he was not safe that day," Neely said.

She said her son has never had any behavior problems before and that after this incident he was scared to go school. So she said she's filing a criminal complaint against the teacher for suggesting the students hit her son.

"I just want to make sure she is not able to teach again," she said. "I just want to make sure justice is served for Aiden."

Although the teacher has not been formally charged, the District Attorney said the case will go before a grand jury. At the very least, the teacher is expected to lose her job. A second teacher is on paid administrative leave for not reporting the incident.

Neely said she wants that teacher to be reprimanded for waiting so long to report the incident.

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