Parents charged in beating death of 3-month-old Westland boy

Police: Baby severely beaten, died of blunt force trauma to chest; Westland parents both charged with murder


A Westland mother and father have been charged in the death of their 3-month-old child.

Josh Wilson and his girlfriend Kelli Worth went before a judge Friday charged with murder and first degree child abuse. Police say baby Joshua died at the hands of his own parents and never had a chance.

"Shock. Disbelief. They wouldn't do this in a million years," said Sheliah Vansickle, the baby's aunt.

Family members said both parents are mentally ill. Vansickle said Child Protective Services has been involved with the family since the child's birth.

"They made sure they knew how to change the baby, care for the baby, feed the baby and they would come to the home to investigate once a month," said Vansickle.

However, neighbors in Westland tell a different story.

"I asked Josh if I could hold the baby. He tossed it to me," said neighbor Chelsea Reed. "And he throws that baby into the air."

Neighbor Stephanie Gibson says she was not surprised Wednesday evening when Worth ran to her door for help.

"She said, 'My baby isn't breathing.' I ran out with no shoes and me and my fiance started CPR," said Gibson.

Police say the infant had been severely beaten. He was taken to University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. He was bruised from head to toe with several broken bones. Investigators say Joshua died from blunt force trauma to his chest.

"His dad deserves to rot in prison. How can you kill a 3-month-old baby?" said Gibson.

Neighbors say they are planning a vigil for this weekend.

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