Parents say restaurant served their kids mimosas during Sunday brunch

Parents say their kids ended up drunk and hungover

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Rochester, N.Y. - If it doesn't taste like just orange juice, it's probably not just orange juice.

The DeRoo family were have Sunday brunch at Bazil restaurant in Rochester, New York, when they say their kids were served mimosas. They say when they got home, the kids slept all day, and even seemed hungover on Monday.

The DeRoos say their 7-year-old daughter noted that the orange juice tasted funny, but her mother tried it, and thought it might just be a different brand of juice.

When they heard people another table complain that the juice tasted like mimosas, they realized there was alcohol in their kids' drinks.

The server apologized and gave the kids milk, but the family left upset because the managers never came to their table to apologize for the mistake.

The DeRoos tried calling police but said they were told mistakes happen. Bazil's owner, Danny Daniele, said he was there that day but was not told of the mistake. He said it was the restaurants first Sunday brunch, and there could have possibly been a mix-up with the juice containers.

Daniele said that when he learned of the incident, he apologized to the DeRoos, and sent them an email offering to refund the cost of their meal. The DeRoos said they don't plan to sue.

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