Park Place Apartments destroyed by fire in Taylor

Two dozen people homeless after fire

TAYLOR, Mich. - Two dozen people are homeless after fire raced through the attic at one of the buildings in the Park Place Apartments.

When Taylor firefighters arrived on the scene it looked like the fire was contained in an upper bedroom in an end unit, but they quickly realized the fire had spread throughout the entire building.

"When we sent firefighters to the roof they were going to do what we call a trench cut. It helps vent the gases, but the minute they got up there the roof felt spongy, which was a sign they had to get off," said Chief Robert Tompos.

Seconds later the entire roof went up. Firefighters were forced into a defensive position.

While crews battled the blaze those that live in the building had nothing to do but sit and watch their belongings burn.

"What am I going to do right now, I have no idea," Masiur Rehman said.

Rehman has a wife and three children and everything they had except for the clothes on their backs is nothing but ash.

The Red Cross is helping those burned out with temporary shelter. Firefighters evacuated the building in time and no one was hurt. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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