Parts of Metro Detroit clean up after Tuesday's storms

Taylor neighborhood near Ecorse Road hit hard by winds

TAYLOR, Mich. - First, the dark clouds rolled in, then the rain. However this time around it wasn't water that caused problems -- it was the wind. The damage isn't widespread, but there are some parts of Metro Detroit that have some cleaning up to do.

Thankfully there was no major flooding Tuesday night, although for a little while there were slowdowns along I-94 at Michigan Avenue because of standing water. That's all cleared up now.

However, in Taylor some neighborhoods have a different mess on their hands after late Tuesday afternoon's storms.

Straight line blustery winds startled John Kashetsky.

"I looked out my door. Never saw a gust of wind that much," said Kashetsky. "I never saw a gust of wind that much. Must have been a 100 mph."

Trees were ripped from the ground. The Taylor neighborhood near Ecorse Road was hit hard.

"Bent the trees. All the trees bent like that. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Lived on this street 58 years," Kashetsky said.

"I heard the neighbors screaming. Looked out front and saw the tree come down," said Kevin Nalleay. "Branches throw the kid. The kid was laying in the yard. (A) neighbor and I ran over and picked him up and called 911."

Trees crushed cars and smashed into houses. A teenager playing outside tried to take cover but was trampled by a tree.

There are now days' worth of cleanup ahead all because of a few minutes of Mother Nature's wrath.

"Really hard. Really fast," said Nalleay. "It was maybe five minutes of wind that did this much damage."

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