Pit bulls removed from Mount Clemens dangerous animal ordinance

Decision expected to alleviate dog owners from several regulations

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - Pitt bulls have been removed from a dangerous animal ordinance in Mount Clemens.

The city commission voted Monday to remove the language that targets pit bulls on the ordinance.  The decision is expected to alleviate dog owners from several regulations.

Officials said the decision to make the ordinance breed specific in 2009 was discriminatory because it alluded that all pit bulls are dangerous.

The original language called for all pit bulls be kept in kennels and muzzled when outdoors.

The ordinance was in response to a petition brought to the commission by residents in 2009.  According to reports, since then, there have been no reports of pit bull attacks.

The new language in the ordinance defines a dangerous animal as any animal having a known disposition or propensity to attack, bite, or injure any person or animal without provocation.

Mayor Barb Dempsey voted against the revision.  It was approved in a 5-1 vote.

The entire ordinance can be read here.

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