Police: 16 cases reported of bullets hitting cars in area along I-96

Shootings reported in Ingham County, Livingston County, Wixom, Commerce Township

PONTIAC, Mich. -

Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Sheriff's Department and Wixom police met Friday to discuss the rash of drive-by gunfire hitting cars.  

Police say at least 16 incidents of gun fire were reported along the area of Interstate 96 in Wixom, Commerce Township, Livingston and Ingham counties since Oct. 16.

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The Ingram County Sheriff's Office says at least five cars were damaged from bullets as they drove on M-52 near Webberville.  

Police say one witness described a black four-door sedan -- possibly a Chevrolet Cavalier or an older dark Mustang -- as the potential source of the gunfire. A bullet was recovered for evidence.  

Investigators have not said if all of the incidents are related. They are still gathering information.

In most of the reported cases, cars traveling along I-96 have been hit by gunfire from an unknown source.  

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard says no one has been injured but there have been, "some very close calls." Bouchard says cars and people appear to be the targets.

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Police say in one incident a man taking out his garbage heard a bullet whiz past him and in another incident a woman reported she heard a noise and then the back window of her car shattered. 

One witness described seeing a clean-shaven white man in his 30s in the area.

Police are asking the community to stay vigilant and report suspicious activity or incidents immediately.

-- During a news conference Friday, the Oakland County Sheriff offered this map of reported shootings along the Interstate 96 area from eastern Ingham County to western Oakland County. Reports have come from an area near Webberville, another area in Livingston County and Oakland County's Wixom and Commerce Township.

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