Police can ticket drivers for spinning out in snow

Metro Detroit woman gets stuck in snow on freeway exit ramp, gets ticketed

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

WARREN, Mich. - Whether you've loved or hated the snow-packed Michigan winter so far, there is no denying the driving has been miserable.

Kris Matthys was in her Chevrolet HHR heading to work Wednesday and tried to exit Interstate 696 at Hoover. She got stuck in a snow pile in the space between the freeway and the ramp and dialed 911 for help.

Michigan State Police and a tow truck showed up quickly.

"And when he came up he asked for my driver's license, my registration and my insurance, and I'm like, OK, thinking he's gotta fill out an incident report. He's gotta do his paperwork," she said.

She never thought her already stressful day was about to get expensive. The trooper came back to her with a ticket in his hand.

"Well you didn't hit anybody or anything, but you're getting a ticket," he told her.

The ticket was for driving too fast, even though Matthys says it was the road condition not her speed that did her in.

Can police really write that ticket if you wipe out in the snow? They sure can.

"I did have someone stop and offer to push me, but I was thinking it's just not a safe area for someone to come out," said Matthys. "Maybe I should have."

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