Police chief of Memphis terminated after City Council vote

Jessica Kovek removed as police chief in 4-3 vote

MEMPHIS, Mich. - A small Metro Detroit city is without a police chief after the final twist in what started with her crashing her police cruiser.

Local 4 got first looks at pictures from the crash scene just moments after Memphis Police Chief Jessica Kovek blew a stop sign and slammed into a Fed Ex truck.

Kovek admitted to failing to stop and received criticism from the community because she didn't take a Breathalyzer test, nor was she ticketed or disciplined -- until now.

After a 4-3 City Council vote, Kovek has been removed as police chief.

The meeting reportedly only took an hour and a half. The chief told her side and then each council member commented before voting, but Mayor Daniel Weaver said the final decision had nothing to do with the crash.

"There were a lot of deciding factors, nothing (that) had to do with the crash," Weaver said. "Based upon the info provided, the right thing was done tonight and it was fair."

And because it was a private executive session meeting, everything discussed behind the closed doors must stay behind those doors.

Local 4 spoke by phone to Kovek's family, who said the decision was personal.

"Weaver had a personal vendetta against her," said Kevin Koveck, Jessica Kovek's brother-in-law.

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