Police interview with Bianca Jones' dad plays out in court

D'Andre Lane charged with murder in 2-year-old's death

DETROIT - Detroit police have said from the beginning that they don't believe the story D'Andre Lane has been telling about what happened to his 2-year-old daughter.

The girl, Bianca Jones, hasn't been seen since Dec. 2, 2011, when her father said he was carjacked with her in the back seat.

The car found a short time later, but the girl wasn't in it.

Witnesses and officers have testified that Lane might have beaten the girl and killed her.

Testimony Tuesday during Lane's preliminary hearing centered on a five-hour interview Lane did with police, where he claimed Bianca hit her head when she fell out of bed.

The interview played out in court, and Lane was heard telling police he spanked his daughter with a padded stick, because if he used his hand, it would bruise.

The defense asked the officer if Lane had ever said he was done talking during the five hours of "interrogation."

The officer said yes, three times. But the defense wanted to know why investigators kept asking questions.

A ruling Thursday will determine is Lane should stand trial on murder and child abuse charges.

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