Police Raid Truck, Home For Synthetic Drugs

Man Sells Items At Local Stores

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. - The Michigan State Police confiscated illegal synthetic drugs from a truck and home on Maplecrest Road near 15 Mile and Dequindre roads in Sterling Heights.

The MSP raided a truck and the home of Zuhir Gammo.

Officers confiscated more than 30 boxes of products containing the synthetic drug K2 -- also known as synthetic marijuana. Gammo sells the products at stores in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties, police said.


The products included potpourri, spices and brownies, police said. They were packaged in colorful, shiny wrappers with smiling cartoon characters and names such as "Bayou Blaster," "LOL," "Posh," "Super Kush" and "Green Cobra."

Police said the products were intended to be marketed and sold to teenagers.

Gammo's attorney, Brian Leghio, released the following statement:

"Gammo absolutely had no knowledge that any of the products had illegal substances. This father of six carries forensic testing results for every product. He took every step possible to show he was compliant with the law."

The synthetic drug K2 was sold legally in convenience stores and head shops in Michigan until former Gov. Jennifer Granholm banned it in October.

It is labeled a Schedule 1 narcotic, meaning it carries a high risk of dependency and has no known medical use.

Conrad Tomes, a neighbor of Gammo's, said the man kept to himself in an otherwise open and friendly community.

"It's a good neighborhood," Tomes said. "Everybody knows everybody. But he didn't really get along much and kept to himself."

Tomes said he thought the packages were for candy.

"Pulling it out of the truck ... I thought it had candy in it," Tomes said.

No arrests or charges were reported.

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