Police Station Shooter's Motive Was 'Suicide By Cop'

4 Officers Shot Sunday; 2 Still Hospitalized

DETROIT - Local 4 has learned that Detroit police believe the motive behind the 38-year-old man who opened fire inside a police station Sunday, wounding four officers, was to be killed.

"There's nothing in this that makes sense, at all," Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee told reporters during a news conference on the case.

Godbee said Monday that the motive was unclear.

However, Local 4 learned on Monday that there is an ongoing sex crime investigation involving the gunman, who police said was Lamar Deshea Moore.

The ongoing sex crime investigation, coupled with the fact that Moore entered the station armed, has led police to believe he walked into the station on Sunday with the intent of being shot and killed by officers.

At about 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Moore walked into Northwest District's 6th precinct and fired at officers.

"In a split second, their life changed," Godbee said. "The perpetrator's intent was evil. But these men and women ... performed to the standard that they were trained to."

Moore shot Commander Brian Davis, Officer David Anderson, Sgt. Ray Saati and Sgt. Carrie Shultz.

Davis, who is in charge of the precinct, was shot in the hand and side. He underwent surgery Sunday and is listed in stable condition at a Detroit hospital.

Anderson is also hospitalized in serious condition.

Saati and Shultz were treated and released.

Moore was killed when police returned fire.

Godbee said video of the shooting would be released but didn?t say when.

Police Chief Says Changes Will Be Made

The shooting left officers to ponder how to protect them from the crime they fight daily on the city's tough streets. Like other precincts in the city, the 6th has no metal detectors at the entrance and visitors are permitted to come in and talk face-to-face with police sitting behind a large, rounded desk.

Godbee said precinct security would be upgraded to include wand scanners.

"We have some heavy lifting to do," Godbee said. "The mayor has given me a strong commitment to do whatever we need to do for the infrastructure of our buildings to make sure we provide a safe environment for our officers."

Without going into detail, Godbee said 12 hand-held metal detectors would be used by the department. He would not comment on reports the department would begin installing bullet-proof glass at the various precincts.

The 6th precinct, built in the mid-1980s, sits between a business district, a residential area and a row of manufacturing buildings.

Gunman Linked To Separate Criminal Case

According to court records, Moore's brother, Venson Robert Hibbit, was sentenced on two murder charges Monday.

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Hibbit was convicted in a double homicide at a Detroit auto repair shop in 2009. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, one count of assault with intent to commit murder and a firearm charge on Jan. 6.

Moore himself has a criminal record that includes charges of resisting and obstructing an officer at a Dearborn train station in 1996.

Paula Alford said she wasn?t a blood relative to Moore, but that she treated him like a grandson.

?I didn?t see that coming. He was family-oriented. He was a good person, I say,? she said.

Moore had several addresses in recent years, according to records obtained by Local 4. But the address he used to pick up his mail was just blocks from the precinct.

Neighbor John Soldiers said he often saw Moore and that he always had a smile on his face.

?That?s what I don?t understand,? Soldiers said.

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