Police warn residents in Livonia of couple targeting elderly in 'sympathy scam'

Couple has scammed 3 different Livonia residents who have recently lost loved-one

By Jay Kuhlman - Live In The D Producer

LIVONIA, Mich. - Livonia police are warning residents about a couple that is targeting the elderly in what police call a sympathy scam.

Police say the man and women target elderly individuals who have lost a loved-one by sympathizing with them and, in some cases, pretending that they knew their lost companion.

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"They come to the door and they say, 'I just bought the house next-door,' or, 'I just bought a house down the street and it's something similar to your house, do you mind if I come in and look at it?'" said Sgt. Patrick Moug, with the Livonia Police Department.

Local 4 has learned that in one case the con-artist couple got into a home by pretending to be friends of a man's wife who had passed away. The woman distracted the homeowner while the man walked through the home, went through some drawers and stole $400 in cash.

"This is a good time of year for us all to take care of crime prevention at our home, and with our loved ones. Especially since this has happened, if you know someone who is a widow or a widower let them know about this," said Moug.

Police said that the couple is smart and uses different disguises and different get-away cars each time they attempt a crime.

Livonia police are asking that if anyone sees anything suspicious to please call them.

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