Did Thaddeus McCotter's advisor take bribe to pay off debt?

Don Dale Yowchuang expected to face lawsuit from Thaddeus McCotter who accuses him of taking bribe in elaborate petitions snafu

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - Don Dale Yowchuang spent more than a decade as one of Congressman Thaddeus McCotter's closest advisors.

McCotter charged Yowchuang with the job of filing the petitions to put him on the ballot for a 6th term. However, this past summer when Yowchuang delivered the petitions to the Secretary of State they were a cut and pasted mess. That's according to the Attorney General who went as far as calling them an insult to Elmer's Glue.

There also were not enough good signatures for McCotter to make it onto the ballot. Yowchuang pleaded guilty to multiple felonies and misdemeanors for improperly signing petitions as a circulator.

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However, Local 4 wondered what else was at play and started looking into Yowchuang's finances.

In turns out, in a sworn deposition with the Attorney General's office, Yowchuang admitted he owed between $20,000 and $25,000 to the Delta Alpha Association, a group that owned Yowchuang's Central Michigan University Sigma Pi fraternity house.

Yowchuang had become the caretaker and landlord to make certain all the bills such as lights and taxes were paid. He told the Attorney General's office he paid himself for the volunteer job. The office wondered if he took a bribe to pay off that note. Yowchuang said no. McCotter is not so sure, so he's going to sue his former advisor.

The question is who will be sued. Will it be Yowchuang alone or others, too?

McCotter's legal team still is sorting out that question.

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