Gary Peters leads race for Michigan's 14th Congressional district

Poll shows Peters has lead over Hansen Clarke for Michigan's 14th Congressional district

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


While Thad McCotter's political implosion in Michigan's 11th Congressional district has captured many headlines, it hasn't been exactly pretty in the 14th Congressional District.

That's the race that pits two incumbent congressmen against each other. Tracking poll results shared with Local 4 show Congressman Gary Peters with a lead well above the margin of error over Congressman Hansen Clarke. Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence and former Michigan Rep. Mary Waters are also running but per the latest polling not in contention for a win.

So what has Peters in position to win in two weeks over Clarke?

Democratic political strategist Joe Disano says the passivity on Clarke's part is burying him

"I think everyone knew Hansen wouldn't be able to compete monetarily but what people didn't estimate was his lack of fire heading into this election," Disano said. "He seems rather listless. His organization never really got off the ground and you combine that with anemic fundraising and you have the loss of an incumbent congressman."

Moreover, there's the race issue. Clarke has bowed out of debates until further notice over what he calls race baiting. It's a decidedly nasty turn to the contest for a district that now encompasses both portions of the city of Detroit and the suburbs.

Disano says Clarke needs another $500,000 and "some fighting spirit" if he hopes to retake the lead two weeks before the primary.

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-- Michigan's 14th Congressional District covers parts of Wayne and Oakland counties.

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