Metro Detroit voters face millage proposals

Voters in Clinton Township, Sterling Heights to decide on public safety millages

METRO DETROIT - In Macomb County, Clinton Township and Sterling Heights are facing important public safety millages.

In Sterling Heights, elected leaders claim 45 police officers and 20 firefighters could be laid off if the measure fails. The police department says it would see crime prevention measures cease.

"Our detective bureau will go from 24 detectives down to eight," said Sterling Heights Police Chief Michael Reese. "We'll eliminate our traffic safety division, our crime suppression unit, our canine office will be eliminated and our accident prevention unit will be eliminated.

Ferndale voters face marijuana proposition

In Oakland County, Ferndale voters are deciding whether to legalize possession and use of an ounce or less of marijuana.

Law enforcement leaders say the ordinance is merely political and trumped by state and federal laws.

"It would be like the shopping center saying you can smoke marijuana in our parking lot but Bloomfield Hills police right there says, 'nah, I don't think so,'" said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Royal Oak voters face human rights ordinance

In Royal Oak, voters are faced with a a decision on a human rights ordinance to prevent discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender residents. It was passed by the commission and blocked by a petition drive. Now, voters will have their say.

School districts seek major bond levies

Several major school districts from Dearborn, Troy and Farmington are seeking approval for major bond levies. While funding for enhanced school security gets most of the attention, more than 85 percent of the money will help upgrade aging buildings and enhance technology for every student.

Story: School security proposals on several Metro Detroit ballots

Former mayor runs for Troy City Council

Former Troy mayor Janice Daniels is seeking a seat on the City Council. She was recalled a year ago after opposing the city's new transit center and making a slur against gays in a Facebook post.

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