Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder faces decision on lame-duck legislation

Local 4 speaks with Gov. Snyder

By Jason Colthorp - Anchor/Reporter, Derick Hutchinson

LANSING, Mich. - All eyes are on Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and what he's going to do as controversial lame-duck legislation his hits deck.

Local 4 caught up with Snyder on Friday and asked about the lame-duck session and what he's going to do. He did what he's done the last eight years: played it close to the vest.

"It happens every two years, and I think this year, there is an extra level of activity," Snyder said.

That extra level of activity has included protests and national attention.

Michigan, along with Wisconsin and North Carolina, are states with GOP-led legislatures passing lame-duck legislation that would limit the power of incoming Democratic governors, attorneys general and secretaries of state.

Democrats are outraged and have called for Snyder to veto the legislation.

"The polarization of the public is very high, but I'm going to do what I've done for eight years as governor," Snyder said. "I'm not getting caught up in politics. I'm going to look at it bill by bill. Is this good for Michigan citizens or not?"

One of the bills already on Snyder's desk would scale back minimum wage increase and paid sick leave, an issue that was headed for the ballot before some political maneuvering by Republicans.

Snyder isn't giving any clues on what he's going to do.

"People shouldn't assume massive answers one way or the other," Snyder said.

The Senate bill that removes campaign finance oversight from the purview of the secretary of state passed Friday and will go to the House.

The House passed a bill Wednesday that allows the legislature to intervene in any court proceeding, potentially undercutting the attorney general.

Other controversial pieces of legislation include gerrymandering, no-reason absentee and passing bills that would add some rules and guidelines that some feel are altering the will of the voters.

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