Michigan Gov. Snyder already campaigning for 2nd term?

Snyder unofficially throws hat into re-election ring with latest video touting success

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - "Michigan has learned that this nerd who grew up in a 900-square-foot house works."

Gov. Rick Snyder would have you believe this is not a re-election announcement. However, the 5-minute video which shows the governor snorkeling in a wet suit -- among other things -- tells us he wants to keep building.

"We're No. 1 in the nation and states that have recovered the most from the Great Recession," the video narrator says.

Political consultant Steve Mitchell says Snyder is doing this now for a very specific reason.

"He may not be announcing but the fact is he is putting out this video now to rev up the troops, to make sure that he solidifies the republican base which is a little shaky as a result of the Medicaid expansion bill," Mitchell said.

The governor does not directly discuss Detroit's bankruptcy in the video but he cleverly tweaks those who have so bitterly fought it. Mitchell says Snyder's opponent, Democrat Mark Shauer, is a good candidate but history is working against him.

"Michigan has a tendency to re-elect its governors to at least one more term," he said.

Six of the past seven Michigan governors -- Democrat and Republican -- were given second terms. Still, Gov. Snyder may take heat for raising taxes on retirees and the right-to-work bill. However, for now the race is on.

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