Michigan Gov. Snyder met by strong GOP pushback for Medicaid expansion

Poll shows Republican delegates prefer 2 candidates over Snyder

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - The handwringing and drama surrounding the state of Michigan's expansion of Medicaid is just getting started.

What went down on the Senate floor may be a done deal but it's going to give Gov. Rick Snyder heartburn from the base of the GOP.

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Last week threats were made by Tea Party activists within the Michigan GOP to take Lt. Gov. Brian Calley off the ticket when the convention rolls around to show their displeasure.

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Now, in a poll conducted by the non profit iCaucus group, of Wyoming, Republican delegates say they would prefer two candidates over the guy they have in the governor's chair.

"More people know Dave & Busters than they know Dave Agema, so there's not a lot behind the poll and it's meant to rile Brian Calley and Rick Snyder," said political strategist Dennis Darnoi.

Check out these numbers: Delegates would prefer Republican National Committee man Dave Agema by 42 percent to Snyder's 32 percent.

If Agema's name looks familiar it's because he made headlines by posting anti-gay rhetoric on social media. Attorney General Bill Schuette also outpolls Snyder with 38 percent to the governor's 31 percent.

TJ Bucholz, of Lambert Edwards, says while the poll clearly shows there is internal GOP strife there is a key thing to remember.

"We're talking about delegates here. What I'm talking about is general election kind of prospects, and those are two entirely different things. And Gov. Snyder, in terms of a general electorate prospect, has actually probably benefitted from certainly his stance on Medicaid expansion," Bucholz said.

In the end, how much heartburn can the base cause for Snyder? Darnoi says be ready for shenanigans when it's convention time.

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