Michigan House candidate compares competition to devil

Tadd Siglow says calling Shelby Township's Pete Lund the devil is not over the line

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


Politics have taken a nasty turn in Macomb County with the August primary election right around the corner.

State Representative Pete Lund is a Republican from Shelby Township who sits in a leadership position in the Michigan House.

Lund has been compared to the devil by fellow Republican Tadd Siglow, the man running against him in the Republican primary for District 36.

"You're not sure if you should be mad about it and disgusted or laugh at it. I think it's a little bit of both, and maybe it's a little bit more on the disgusted side when you have children who are on the Internet and this is on Facebook," said Lund.

The campaign against Lund definitely has raised eyebrows. Everyone says they hate negative campaigning, but experts say it usually works. Does this?

"I think it's completely over the top and I think that's what makes it ineffective. One of the first rules of direct mail is know your audience," said political expert Joe Disano.

Disano is a partner in one of Michigan's premier political firms. He said the little devil ad fails every test when it comes to being an effective political attack.

So what does Siglow have to say about it?

"I don't feel it's over the line," he said. "We're portraying politicians as to what they have become. They are more concerned with their PAC funds and their special interest groups than really representing the people, which is really their job."

Siglow said he stands by calling Lund the devil. Whether this will sway voters is yet to be seen.

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