Michigan Supreme Court rules 3 of 4 proposals on ballot; casino proposal only 1 excluded

Michigan voters get chance to decide on collective bargaining, 2/3 vote on tax raise, blocking planned bridge to Canada

DETROIT - The Michigan Supreme Court has decided three of four big issue proposals will appear before voters on the November ballot.

The only proposal not to appear on the ballot is one for the support of more Michigan casinos.

A collective bargaining proposal, a 2/3 vote tax proposal and bridge plan proposal will appear on the ballot.

The casino proposal would have allowed Michigan voters to decide if the state would see eight new casinos. The court says the measure is flawed because it fails to note that it would weaken the authority of the state Liquor Control Commission.

The State Board of Canvassers has deadlocked on a series of votes to place the initiatives on the ballot.

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The Supreme Court's Wednesday ruling means voters will be able to decide if they support a proposal to require a 2/3 vote in the legislature to raise taxes and a proposal to block a new bridge to Canada.

Voters also will have the chance to decide their stance on a proposal to strengthen collective bargaining rights.

Spokeswoman Emily Gerkin Palsrok, of Citizens for More Michigan Jobs, which fought for the casino proposal, issued the following statement:

"While we are disappointed with the court's ruling, we are confident that the will still exists in our state to expand the number of private casinos and increase revenue for local government services, such as police and fire services, roads, and schools. A vast majority of voters want this stranglehold existing operators seem to have on our state's casino monopoly to end. Communities with casinos in their backyards should benefit from their gaming activities directly. It's too bad that the half million Michiganders who signed our petition, and all our other supports, won't have the chance to have their voice heard on this issue in November."

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