Michigan's David Curson gets 6 weeks in US Congress

Democratic Congressman David Curson will represent Michigan's old 11th District for 6 weeks, filling in Thaddeus McCotter's seat

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

Never in any of David Curson's plans or dreams did a stint in U.S. Congress enter the picture.

Now, the United Auto Workers representative is off to Washington for all of six weeks as Congressman Curson.

"I was thrilled. I was humbled," Curson said.

He is filling the remainder of Thaddeus McCotter's term in the state's old 11th Congressional District. Curson, a Democrat, was up against Republican Kerry Bentivolio for the Congress seat. Bentivolio was running in the new 11th District, too.

In a twist of fate, Bentivolio won the new seat for a two-year term but lost the six-week term in the old seat to Curson.

What can anyone expect to accomplish in a matter of weeks? Maybe nothing, but Curson knows he has to give it his all.

"I think I can add to the dialogue and hopefully bring some agreements together so we can avoid the nasty results of the fiscal cliff," he said.

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