New, sprawling 14th Congressional District may be challenge for incumbents, newcomers

Michigan's redrawn 14th Congressional District covers range of demographics

By Roger Weber - Reporter


The old 14th Congressional District of Michigan was thrown out the window during redistricting.

Now, it is a sprawling, s-shaped configuration including cities such as Pontiac, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Detroit and the Grosse Pointes.

Two incumbent Democrats are battling for survival in the 14th: Hansen Clarke and Gary Peters. Peters has used the motto, "We are one greater Detroit."

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Also running are Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, former state lawmaker Mary Waters and former magistrate Robert Costello.

Can the winner represent such different communities ranging from poverty to affluence? Political consultant Adolph Mongo says yes.

"You have common interests. There is no question. And the common interest is that we got problems with the schools, we got problems with the jobs. A lot of these cities can't fund police and fire. Look at Allen Park," Mongo said.

Farmington Hills almost entirely surrounds the city of Farmington. But Farmington is in the 11th Congressional District. That may be because of its historically Republican population.

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